The best minimalist shoes on the market

The running world needs to detox itself. Too much ignorance about running, feet and pleasure led to many wrong ideas about minimalist shoes. Several seemingly valid minimalist shoes out there are both useless when it comes to restore the connection with your feet and potentially dangerous to your foot health.

Good minimalist shoes are shoes that let your feet talk to you

In order to put your mind at ease, here is a foot-picked and tested selection of the best minimalist shoes you should consider for both running and walking.

Xero Shoes

Xero shoes

Xero shoes
are the first minimalist shoes I have ever worn. Inspired by the ancient running sandals made by the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico. The main awesome features are:
↬ Vast selection of products: sandals, casual shoes, running and trail running shoes as well as hiking boots.
↬ Patented 5.5 mm FeelTrue® soles with removable 2 mm insoles (just-right protection and great comfort).
↬ The soles are durable enough that they have a 5,000-mile sole warranty (!)
↬ Kids shoes available (12C-4Y US /30-36 EU)

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Freet Shoes

Freet shoes selection

Freet shoes stand out for utilizing waste ground coffee to manufacture the uppers of some of the shoes they offer and for the wide range of materials for their upper mesh, midsoles and outsoles.  The main awesome features are:

↬ Three different types of upper mesh (BreatheMesh, CoffeeFlyMesh and Water resistant Mesh/Leather).
↬ The removable midsoles come in two thicknesses (2.5 or 6 mm) and different material composition (Memory foam or EVA) to provide protection and great connectivity with the ground.
↬The outsole design and thickness varies depending on the shoe model and its main use (GripPlus, MultiGrip, EasyGrip).
↬ Junior shoes available (36-38 EU / 4Y-6Y US)

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